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Foods That Can Help Improve Moods

Folic Acid/Vitamin B9 which can be found I beans and lentils. There are studies that show this type of food […]
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Effective Therapy Treatments for Anxiety

Anxiety can be normal. It is one of the survival mechanisms the human system uses to keep away painful experiences. […]
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Helpful Tips to Keep New Years Resolutions

1) Don’t over do it. It is best to focus on one goal at a time. 2) Break this one […]
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Blog post Understanding Child Therapy with woman therapist showing child building blocks

Understanding Child Therapy

There are a number of therapeutic approaches that are used in cases where children are suffering from loss or trauma. […]
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How to Decrease Unwanted Child Behaviors

1) Understand the “why” of your child’s behavior. They are out of their normal scheduled and structured day. A change […]
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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help decrease depression

Thoughts contribute to an individual’s feelings and behaviors. Feelings contribute to an individual’s thoughts and behaviors. Behaviors contribute to an […]
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