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Child therapy looks very different than adolescent and adult therapies. Lutz Counseling Services, LLC understands it can be stressful and overwhelming when your child exhibits signs that indicate a need for therapy. It is to be expected that there are questions of uncertainty about what child therapy even looks like. Let this practice ease some of the uncertainty before even scheduling an appointment.

Children express their feelings through their behaviors majority of the time. Behaviors are a form of communication. Some behaviors that indicate a child would benefit from therapy are: any changes in personality, for example an outgoing child is suddenly withdrawn, or anxious, or experiencing an increase in tantrums, or acting out in school via fights. A trained child therapist at this practice would be able to uncover the child's feelings and provide feedback on the child's needs.

Child Therapy Treatment Approaches

The earliest ways children communicate is not through words, but interactions, experiences, and play. There are two approaches that can help a child increase positive behaviors and healthy communication skills with their caregivers.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy creates a safe environment where children can naturally "play out" their feelings, worries, and life challenges. Through Play Therapy children can: explore new and creative ways to solve problems, develop respect for others and themselves, learn new social skills, and relational skills with peers and family, and learn to experience and express an emotion.

Sand Play

Sand Play therapy is an expressive therapy for healing and transforming behaviors using 3 dimensional art. It allows the child to experience their feelings rather than limit them to words, which is not their chosen form of communication. Depending on the developmental level of the child expressing their feelings or behaviors using words may not be something they are able to do, but in sand play they are capable.

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