How to Decrease Unwanted Child Behaviors

1) Understand the “why” of your child’s behavior. They are out of their normal scheduled and structured day. A change in their schedule can cause them to feel overwhelmed. Children will show this through their behaviors.

2) Be consistent with rules, routines, and transitions.

3) Set a positive expectation for the day. An example would be: “I know you’re very helpful. I am looking forward to the ways you will be helpful with me today.”

4) Give them options. Children will be less argumentative if they feel they have a say in decisions.

5) Spend quality time with them. Unwanted behaviors are a way for a child to gain your attention.

6) Play a game with your child. Verbally communicating feelings is not a skill mastered by children. They feel most comfortable sharing when they are not engaged in direct conversation.

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